Big Blow for Belgium – World Cup Injury Report

Belgium has been hailed a dark horse to win the World Cup in Brazil, but they suffered a huge blow with the recent injury to Christian Benteke. He injured his Achilles and has been ruled out for the tournament. He will be missed, big time, as he is one of Belgium’s best players.

Benteke plays for Aston Villa and in 60 matches this season he has scored 29 goals. While the Belgium midfield is still the strength of the squad the world-class striker’s injury hurts their chances to hoist their first World Cup trophy.

Belgium is not in the toughest of groups with Russia, South Korea, and Algeria and they are the betting favorites to win the group. They have odds of -150 to win with Russia at +200, South Korea at +700, and Algeria at +3300. However, before Benteke’s injury Belgium was at +175 to win the group at Bet365.

Michy Basthuayi may be the replacement for Benteke and while he is a solid young striker he does not have the talent or the experience that Benteke possesses.

While the group odds have changed as a result of Benteke’s injury the squad has the same overall odds to win the World Cup at +1400. His loss may not be that big in playing in one of the weaker groups, but it will be if they reach the knockout phase.


Jay Rodriguez haw been ruled out of the World Cup with a leg injury and that will put more pressure on Wayne Rooney up front. Rodriguez plays for Southampton and had 15 goals on the season and four in his last five matches before his injury.  Any loss for England is a big one, as they are in one of the tougher groups with Uruguay and Italy.

The Two Big Guns

Lionel Messi has the best odds to win the top goal scorer this summer in Brazil and he is back in top form after dealing with some injuries in the middle of the season. On the other side of the coin Christiano Ranaldo, who has the second best odds to win top goal scorer, has an injury and may miss the big Copa del Rey final facing Barcelona. Both of these players need to be fit for next summer, especially Ronaldo, who is, pretty much, all of the Portuguese offense.