More World Cup Bets at Bet365

Bet365 is one of the leading online sportsbooks in the world and they may be THE best when it comes to wagering on the beautiful sport. They added a few new World Cup bets last week and this week they added a few more and you can be sure they are not done. There are so many wagering possibilities on the site and now there are three more, so you are covered for all of your World Cup Betting.

The four new bets that you can make at Bet365 are Highest Scoring Group, Tournament Totals, Highest Scoring Team, and Lowest Scoring Team.

Highest Scoring Group

The highest scoring is not a tough bet to understand, as there are World Cup betting odds posted for each of the eight groups and you wager on the one you think will have the highest number of total goals scored. It is no surprise that the top two groups that have the best odds are Group A at +450 and Group B at +500. Group A has Brazil and Group B features Spain and Holland as well as Chile, who have a solid offense.

Tournament Totals

In the tournament totals wager there are several totals for the tournament with odds posted for Over, Under, and Inclusive. The categories for the totals, which are accumulated for the whole World Cup, are goals, yellow cards, red cards, missed penalties, converted penalties, and corners.

Highest Scoring Team

The highest scoring team is another simple bet at Bet365, as there are odds posted for all 32 teams and you bet on the on that you think will score the most goals in the tournament. Hey, big shock that Brazil has the best odds for this wager at +300 followed by Argentina (+350), Germany (+450), and Spain (+650).

Lowest Scoring Team

This is just like the highest scoring team bet, but you are betting on which team will score the fewest goals in the tournament. Interesting that Honduras has the worst odds for the highest scoring team, but only the second best odds for lowest scoring one. For this bet Australia has the best odds at +400 followed by Honduras and Costa Rica (+500), Cameroon (+650), and Iran (+750).