New World Cup Bets at Bet365

Bet365 is one of the best online sportsbooks and they really have the World Cup covered with all of the soccer bets they have. They have had many best up for a long time, but as the World Cup draws near they have just added four more in Group Forecast, Team Group Points, Team Exact Group Points, and To Finish Bottom of Group.

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Group Forecast

In the Group Forecast bet it has odds for each group and the outcome of the group in which team will finish first and second. There are 12 scenarios for each group with different odds for each one.

For example in Group A Brazil has the best overall odds to win it with Croatia second and the Group Forecast bet in that order has the best odds so Brazil finishing first and Croatia finishing second has odds of +163. Cameroon and Mexico have the worst odds to in the group and the long shot odds to the Group Forecast at +20000 with Cameroon finishing first and Mexico finishing second.

Team Group Points

In the Team Group Points bet it has odds for every team with three choices on how many points they will score in the group, which are not the same for every team. For example for Algeria there are the three choices of Under 2 points (+100), 2-3 Inclusive (+210), and Over 3 (+275). While all the teams in the World Cup have different bets all have the inclusive bet.

Team Exact Group Points

For Team Exact Group Points it is like the Team Group Points bet, but every team has various odds for exactly how many points they will score in group play. For example here are the Team Exact Group Points bets that you can make for Argentina. (8 points is not listed, as it is impossible to get 8 points).

0 points - +100000
1 points - +220
2 points - +10000
3 - points +3300
4 points - +1200
5 - points +1200
6 points - +550
7 points - +225
9 points - +125

To Finish Bottom of Group

The To Finish Bottom of Group bet is pretty self-explanatory, as you are betting on which team in the group will finish at the bottom. This bet is available for every group. For example in Group B the To Finish Bottom of Group odds are:

Australia -350
Chile +450
Holland +800
Spain +5000