Russia or Switzerland a World Cup Betting Dark Horse?

Russia and Switzerland do not have good overall betting odds to win the World Cup, but each is in a very weak group. Both of these teams have the second best betting odds to make it out of their group. Each are major longs shots to win it all with Russia at +8000 and Switzerland at +10000, but each does have good odds to make it to the knockout phase where anything can happen.


Switzerland is in Group E and they have odds of +275 to win the group along with favorite France (-150), Ecuador (+400) and Honduras (+3300). While the Swiss did win their European qualifying group it was not the toughest one. Still, they have a solid midfield led by Bayern Munich’s Xherdan Shaqiri and they may be a handful when they face France, who has a lot of pressure on them after their horrible showing in South Africa.

The Swiss have a far from dynamic offense, but with the midfield they have it favors them playing an attacking offense like Ecuador has. In their last group match they face Honduras, who have the second worst odds overall to win the World Cup.


Russia is playing in Group H and it would be a surprise if they did not advance to the knockout phase. Belgium has the best odds to win the group at -150 with Russia at +175 and South Korea (+900) and Algeria (+3300) each having long shot odds.

Russia, unlike the past, has a solid defense and in winning their European WC qualifying group they only conceded five goals in 10 matches. Obviously, their toughest match in the group is facing Belgium and they match up decently with them since the Russians’ have a good midfield.

Alan Dzagoev of CSKA Moscow leads the midfield and is a solid attacker, which the team will need since Russia does not have a dynamic offense. However, with their defense and good midfield they will really give Algeria and South Korea problems and maybe even Belgium as well.

Both Switzerland and Russia have the second best betting odds to make it out of their group. However, while each is the betting underdog facing the group’s top teams they are not major long shot odds. In Group E Switzerland is posted at +250 with France at +110 and a draw line of +230. In Group H Russia is posted at +250 with Belgium at +110 and a draw line of +230.