World Cup Betting Tips: Messi resting for Brazil?

The World Cup is not far off and here are some interesting things happening with some of the favorites as well as their odds to win it all. Odds available at Bet365 Sportsbook.

Brazil +275 – Brazil is loaded for the World Cup, but can the young Neymar, who has the second best odds to win the top goal scorer, lead the squad this summer? Much of the World Cup news as of late has been about the construction of some of the stadiums and how they are very much behind schedule.

Argentina +450 – A recent report has stated that Lionel Messi may be mailing it in for the Barcelona season since the squad is out of the Champions League and the league title may be out of reach. The superstar has all the individual awards and trophies with Barca, but has struggled on the world stage and looks to make up for that this summer.

Germany +550 – Germany has the best betting odds from any team outside South America and with good reason. Many key players from their team comes from Bayern Munich, which easily won the Bundesliga this season, is the defending Champions League winner, and is the odds on favorite to win the CL again this season.

Spain +700 – Many are saying that Spain is not as strong as they were in 2010, but last World Cup hero G Iker Casillas is finally healthy and is ready to lead his team this summer.

Belgium +1400 – Belgium’s chances to win their first World Cup took a hit recently when their main striker Christian Benteke of Aston Villa was recently injured and has been ruled out of playing this summer.

France +2200 and Italy +2500 – Both of these squads have the talent to go far, but each has big time pressure on them after each flamed out of the last World Cup tournament.

Uruguay +2500 – Uruguay is a solid squad with a great offensive attack, but will their tune-ups be enough? In their first friendly after qualifying for Brazil they played to a 1-1 draw against Austria and their other two friendly matches before this summer are facing the less than stellar squads of Northern Ireland and Slovenia.

Columbia +2800 – Colombia is in the same boat with Uruguay, as they have the offense, but in their two friendly matches before this summer they have played to draws against Holland and Tunisia.