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The 2014 FIFA World Cup will surely be one that will be remembered by history. The host country always Brazil has to be considered a World Cup favorite, and the World Cup odds reflect this. Brazil has not hosted the World Cup since 1950 when they came in 2nd losing to Uruguay in the finals. Can Brazil become the 6th host to win the World Cup? Future betting odds suggest it will be.

No real long shots have won the World Cup since 1986, but there have been some long-shot winners of the Golden Boot. Brazil holds the record for the most Golden Boot winners with three with Ronaldo winning most recently in 2002 when he had odds of 16/1.

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World Cup News

Why Brazil will win the 2014 FIFA World Cup

Brazil is hosting the World Cup in the summer of 2014 for the second time and while they were the runner-up the first time as host they are the favorites this time around. They hosted the World Cup in 1950, which was the first World Cup since 1938 with none being held in 1942 and 1946 because of World War II. Brazil was the runner up in 1950 losing in the final to Uruguay 2-1.


World Cup Qualifying

While there are several solid teams that may watch the 2014 World Cup in Brazil at home there are no major soccer powers that are on the brink with the lone exception being England and they are still in the mix.


The European soccer powers of Italy, Holland, Germany, Spain, and Portugal are all atop their respective groups in World Cup qualifying.


11 Spots Left for World Cup

There are no more qualifying group matches and after the last ones there are now 21 teams that will be playing in the World Cup next summer. The remaining 11 spots will be determined by the second leg of the ties in Africa, the home and away ties in Europe, and the two inter-region home and away ties.

Bet 365 has current World Cup futures odds and here they are for the qualified teams:


World Cup Qualifying - Oct. 11-15

There are another round of World cup qualifying matches that start on October 11th and 10 teams have already qualified. Here is a look at the teams that have qualified by region and how many spots for the World Cup are available.

No teams have qualified from Africa and there are five spots still up from grabs.


In Asia there are 4.5 spots available and the two third-placed sides will face each other in a two-legged tie for the chance to play in an Intercontinental Play-Off for the last spot. Australia, Japan, Iran, and Korea Republic have already qualified.


World Cup Qualifying Preview

With the last round of World Cup qualifying matches there are now 10 teams that have booked their ticket to Brazil next summer. Brazil is the host and they have the best betting odds to win the World Cup at +310.

Here are the teams that have qualified for the World Cup and how they qualified: