Group B Betting Odds

Group B is one of the tougher groups in the World Cup and features the two teams that played in the final in 2010 in defending champion Spain and Holland.

Chile is a very dangerous team that caught fire at the end of qualifying while Australia is an overmatched squad that has, by far, the worst odds to win the group. Both Spain and Holland went unbeaten in their European World Cup qualifying and each squad has a great offense.

Here are the teams in Group B and their odds to win (live updates at Bodog) and see Group B prop betting lines at the bottom of the page:

Spain -140

Spain not only has the best betting odds to win Group B, but the fourth best odds to win the World Cup. They may have THE best midfield led by the Barcelona tandem of Cesc Fabregas and Andres Iniesta. Much like the Barcelona style of play the Spanish lull teams to mistakes with their passing and time of possession domination.

In eight World Cup qualifying matches Spain’s defense had five clean sheets. Their match facing Holland should be the determining one to who will win Group B.

Holland +225

Holland has one of the best offensive teams playing in Brazil led by Robin van Persie, who topped European qualifying with 11 goals. The Manchester United forward has odds of +2500 to win the Golden Boot. While van Persie and Arjen Robben from Bayern Munich give the Dutch a potent attack and the midfield is a good one it is the same old song and dance for Holland, as their defense is their main weakness.

The last World Cup held in Brazil say Holland as the runner up.

Chile +450

Chile did not look like they would be playing in Brazil after losing their first four qualifying matches, but then Jorge Sampaoli took over as head coach and the team caught fire. FW Alexis Sanchez leads a solid offense and one of the strengths of the squad is their ability to counter attack. However, facing teams that do not make many mistakes in Holland and Spain the Chileans will be hard pressed to advance to the round of 16.

Australia +3000

Australia moved to the Asian qualifying for this World Cup, which made it easier for them to qualify. The midfield is a good one for the Aussies, but they do not have a great offense and their defense is really a concern. They played a couple of friendlies facing France and Brazil after they had qualified and they were hammered in both matches losing 6-0 in each.

FIFA World Cup 2014 - Group B Winner Odds from Bodog                        

Spain                     2/3

Netherlands      3/1

Chile                     15/4

Australia              66/1

FIFA World Cup 2014 - Group B Forecast               

Spain/Chile                         3/1

Spain/Australia                 25/1

Spain/Netherlands          7/4

Chile/Spain                         8/1

Chile/Australia                  100/1

Chile/Netherlands           12/1

Australia/Spain                 150/1

Australia/Chile                  300/1

Australia/Netherlands   200/1

Netherlands/Spain          7/2

Netherlands/Chile           8/1

Netherlands/Australia   66/1

FIFA World Cup 2014 - Group B Reverse Forecast             

Spain/Chile                         2/1

Spain/Australia                 25/1

Spain/Netherlands          4/5

Chile/Australia                  100/1

Chile/Netherlands           5/1

Australia/Netherlands   50/1

FIFA World Cup 2014 - Will Spain Qualify From Their Group?        

Yes                         -600

No                          +375

FIFA World Cup 2014 - Will Netherlands Qualify From Their Group?         

Yes                         -165

No                          +125

FIFA World Cup 2014 - Will Chile Qualify From Their Group?         

Yes                         -115

No                          -115

FIFA World Cup 2014 - Will Australia Qualify From Their Group? 

Yes                         +900

No                          -2000

FIFA World Cup 2014 - Group B To Finish Bottom              

Australia              1/4

Chile                      6/1

Netherlands       7/1

Spain                     20/1