Group A Betting Odds

While Group A is not the toughest group for this World Cup it does have the team with the best betting odds in host Brazil. Mexico and Croatia are both solid teams, but each struggled in their respective World Cup qualifying groups. Cameroon has issues on offense and they have the worst odds to win the group.

Brazil hosted the World Cup in 1950 and they lost to Uruguay in the finals. Anything less than their sixth World Cup title may be seen as a disappointment.  

Here are the teams in Group A and their odds to win (live updates at Bodog) and see Group A prop betting lines at the bottom of the page:

Brazil -400

Brazil is, once again, a loaded squad that is solid on both sides of the pitch. They did not have to qualify being the host, but did play six friendly matches winning all of them. On top of that in the six friendlies they played five teams that are playing this summer.

Neymar is the star of the team with his creative offense and their defense will make it very hard for the other teams in the group to score. Brazil comes into the World Cup not only winning six straight friendly matches, but they also won the 2013 Confederations Cup. Neymar has the second best odds (+1200) to win the Golden Boot award.

Mexico +600

Mexico had a far from easy time qualifying sacking a few coaches in the process, but they did crush New Zealand in the intercontinental playoff. Javier Hernandez of Manchester leads the offense that is creative, but did struggle in the qualifying process.

In CONCACAF qualifying Mexico did not have one win facing the three other teams that are playing in the World Cup in the USA, Costa Rica, and Honduras. However, Mexico did beat Brazil in the finals in the Olympics.

Croatia +800

Croatia struggled in their European qualifying group, which was not a strong one, and was lucky to draw Iceland in the playoffs. MF Luka Modric leads the squad and he is a great playmaker, but the Croats still have concerns on both offense and defense.

FW Mario Mandzukic from Bayern Munich faces being suspended for at least two matches for the World Cup and if that happens it will be a big loss. The Croats do not have much of a chance against Brazil and they must beat Mexico and Cameroon to advance to the round of 16.

Cameroon +2500

Cameroon has a good midfield, a solid defense, and they are a very physical team, but their offense is a big issue. In facing the weaker teams in their qualifying group in Libya, Congo DR and Togo they only scored eight goals in six matches. They do have a couple of world-class players that have to carry the team in Brazil in Chelsea FW Samuel Eto'o and Barcelona MF Alex Song.

This summer will be the seventh World Cup that Cameroon has played in and they have only progressed out of the group stage once in 1990 when they made the quarterfinals.

FIFA World Cup 2014 - Group A Winner Odds from Bodog          

Brazil                     1/5

Croatia                 8/1

Mexico                 9/1

Cameroon           25/1

FIFA World Cup 2014 - Group A Forecast              

Brazil/Mexico                    7/4

Brazil/Cameroon              5/1

Brazil/Croatia                     3/2

Mexico/Brazil                    12/1

Mexico/Cameroon          80/1

Mexico/Croatia                 40/1

Cameroon/Brazil              40/1

Cameroon/Mexico          150/1

Cameroon/Croatia          125/1

Croatia/Brazil                     10/1

Croatia/Mexico                 40/1

Croatia/Cameroon          80/1

FIFA World Cup 2014 - Group A Reverse Forecast             

Brazil/Mexico                    7/5

Brazil/Cameroon              4/1

Brazil/Croatia                     6/5

Mexico/Cameroon          50/1

Mexico/Croatia                 20/1

Cameroon/Croatia          50/1

FIFA World Cup 2014 - Will Brazil Qualify From Their Group?        

Yes                         -2500

No                          +1000

FIFA World Cup 2014 - Will Croatia Qualify From Their Group?    

Yes                         EVEN

No                          -130

FIFA World Cup 2014 - Will Mexico Qualify From Their Group?    

Yes                         +125

No                          -165

FIFA World Cup 2014 - Will Cameroon Qualify From Their Group?             

Yes                         +375

No                          -600

FIFA World Cup 2014 - Group A To Finish Bottom              

Cameroon           4/5

Croatia                  11/4

Mexico                 11/4

Brazil                     33/1