Group E Betting Odds

Group E is one of the weaker groups and France has the best odds and needed a miracle in their last match to qualify for Brazil. France stunk it up in the last World Cup and there is a lot of pressure on them to perform this summer.

Switzerland won their European qualifying group and has a solid midfield. Ecuador will be playing on their home continent, but does not have great odds to win the group while Honduras is the big time long shot.

Here are the teams in Group E and their odds to win (live updates at Bodog) and see Group E prop betting lines at the bottom of the page:

France -145

France needed to beat Ukraine 3-0 in the second leg of their European qualifying playoff and that is just what they did. MF Franck Ribery and FW Karim Benzema lead the French team that has no lack of talent. In qualifying they were in the group with 2010 World Cup champion Spain and that was the only team that beat them.

Ribery and Samir Nasri are two great midfielders that will really frustrate the other teams in the group. If France plays their game and does not buckle under the pressure they may easily win Group E.

Switzerland +280

Switzerland is the top seed in the group, but only have the second best odds to win it. They play a great team game and have a good midfield, but the offense is the main issue. MF Xherdan Shaqiri from Bayern Munich is a young and exciting player and as an attacking midfielder he must play well this summer.

While the Swiss won their World Cup qualifying group they played in one of the weaker ones with Norway, Cyprus, Slovenia, and Albania.

Ecuador +400

Ecuador has to hope the home continent advantage can help them out. The reason is that in South American qualifying the squad was great at home and not so much on the road. The team plays an attacking and up-tempo style and they may struggle against France and Switzerland, who each are solid in the midfield.

MF’s Antonio Valencia and Edison Mendez are the leaders of the squad and Jefferson Montero is a striker that plays the game at a blistering pace. Their offense struggled at the end of qualifying not scoring more than one goal in their last six matches. That is a concern, especially with the solid offensive players they have.

Honduras +2000

Honduras has the worst odds to win Group E and the second worst odds to win the World Cup. They have never won a match in the World Cup and will that change this summer? The squad did not lose in their last four qualifying matches and they did beat the United States.

The defense is the main issue for Honduras and the fact that they do not have any big star players. Still, with their offense and flying under the radar maybe they can do some damage.

FIFA World Cup 2014 - Group E Winner Odds from Bodog                

France                  4/5

Switzerland        5/2

Ecuador                4/1

Honduras            28/1

FIFA World Cup 2014 - Group E Forecast               

Switzerland/France                         4/1

Switzerland/Honduras                   40/1

Switzerland/Ecuador                      8/1

France/Switzerland                         9/4

France/Honduras                             16/1

France/Ecuador                                                3/1

Honduras/Switzerland                   150/1

Honduras/France                             80/1

Honduras/Ecuador                          150/1

Ecuador/Switzerland                      10/1

Ecuador/France                                                7/1

Ecuador/Honduras                          50/1

FIFA World Cup 2014 - Group E Reverse Forecast             

Switzerland/France                         1/1

Switzerland/Honduras                   33/1

Switzerland/Ecuador                      9/2

France/Honduras                             16/1

France/Ecuador                                                7/4

Ecuador/Honduras                          50/1

FIFA World Cup 2014 - Will France Qualify From Their Group?     

Yes                         -500

No                          +325

FIFA World Cup 2014 - Will Switzerland Qualify From Their Group?           

Yes                         -165

No                          +125

FIFA World Cup 2014 - Will Ecuador Qualify From Their Group?  

Yes                         -115

No                          -115

FIFA World Cup 2014 - Will Honduras Qualify From Their Group?               

Yes                         +600

No                          -1100

FIFA World Cup 2014 - Group E To Finish Bottom              

Honduras            1/2

Ecuador                4/1

Switzerland        5/1

France                  11/1