Group H Betting Odds

Group H is arguably the weakest group in the World Cup, but it also has one of its biggest dark horses in Belgium. Russia cannot be counted out, as they have a great defense and won a European qualifying group that included Portugal and Israel.

South Korea has made it out of the group stage in the last two World Cups. Algeria has the worst odds to win Group H and with good reason since they have a suspect defense and have never advance to the round of 16.

Here are the teams in Group H and their odds to win (live updates at Bodog) and see Group H prop betting lines at the bottom of the page:

Belgium -175

Belgium won their European qualifying group and they won it by beating a solid Croatian team in Zagreb, which is a very tough place for opponents to win. There are no glaring weaknesses besides the fact they are not an experienced group in major tournaments.

Belgium MF Eden Hazard of Chelsea is an up and coming superstar and FW Christian Benteke of Aston Villa has scored more goals in the calendar year than any other player in the England Premier League.

The match facing Russia will be THE match of the group for Brazil with the defense they will face.

Russia +200

In the past the Russian defense was the downfall of the squad, but no longer. In qualifying they only conceded five goals in 10 matches in winning their group. MF Alan Dzagoev of CSKA Moscow is a solid attacking player and his play will be key since the Russians do not feature a top-notch striker.

Russia is playing in their first World Club since 2002 and if they do not advance out of the group stage it will be seen as a major disappointment.

South Korea +900

South Korea has had World Cup success is the recent past, but they were far from impressive in qualifying where they beat out Uzbekistan on goal differential. Much of the World Cup hopes for the squad lie on the shoulders of Bayer Leverkusen striker Heung-Min Son. He leads the solid offense, but the team is very outmatched in the midfield by Belgium and will be facing a very strong Russian defense.

Algeria +3000

Algeria did win their World Cup qualifying group, but it was not a tough one. MF Saphir Taider from Inter Milan is the big star for the team, but they do not feature many world-class players. They have a good midfield and that is the strong suit of the squad, but their offense and defense have issues and it is not a surprise that the African nation has the worst odds to win Group H.

FIFA World Cup 2014 - Group H Winner Odds from Bodog                

Belgium               4/7

Russia                   12/5

South Korea       7/1

Algeria                 22/1

FIFA World Cup 2014 - Group H Forecast              

Belgium/Russia                 7/4

Belgium/South Korea     4/1

Belgium/Algeria                                11/1

Russia/Belgium                 3/1

Russia/South Korea        10/1

Russia/Algeria                   25/1

South Korea/Belgium     12/1

South Korea/Russia        16/1

South Korea/Algeria       80/1

Algeria/Belgium                                50/1

Algeria/Russia                   66/1

Algeria/South Korea       125/1

FIFA World Cup 2014 - Group H Reverse Forecast             

Belgium/Russia                 2/3

Belgium/South Korea     3/1

Belgium/Algeria                10/1

Russia/South Korea        7/1

Russia/Algeria                   20/1

South Korea/Algeria       50/1

FIFA World Cup 2014 - Will Belgium Qualify From Their Group?  

Yes                         -550

No                         +350

FIFA World Cup 2014 - Will Russia Qualify From Their Group?      

Yes                         -200

No                          +155

FIFA World Cup 2014 - Will South Korea Qualify From Their Group?          

Yes                         +145

No                          -185

FIFA World Cup 2014 - Will Algeria Qualify From Their Group?     

Yes                         +450

No                          -750

FIFA World Cup 2014 - Group H To Finish Bottom              

Belgium                14/1

Russia                   6/1

South Korea       5/2

Algeria                  5/8