Home Field Advantage

Soccer is like any other sport in that home field advantage is big and it is no surprise that teams with the top two overall to win the World Cup are from South America. Brazil is the host and has the best overall odds at +300 with Argentina at +400. A couple of other teams from South America also have pretty good odds in Uruguay (+2500) and Colombia (+2500).

In the history of the World Cup the host team has won six times with the last time being France winning in 1998.

Brazil and Argentina have such good World Cup betting odds not only because they plyaing on their home continent, but each team is stacked.

After Argentina and Brazil the next four teams that have the best betting odds to win are all from Europe in Germany (+550), 2010 winner Spain (+700), Belgium (+1400), and France (+2000). Spain snapped Europe’s World Cup road woes, as they became the first European team to win outside their home continent when they won in 2014 in South Africa.

In the four World Cups that have been held in South America a team from that continent has won every time. In those four World Cups Uruguay has two wins, Argentina has one, and Brazil has one.

South American teams have also dominated the Western hemisphere, as they have not only won every one on their soil, but the three held in North America. Brazil won the trophy in Mexico in 1970 and the United States in 1994 and Argentina won in Mexico in 1986.

The World Cup has not been held in South America since 1976 when Argentina won as the host. Odds makers are giving South American teams good betting odds for the top teams, but can a European win their first ever World Cup trophy on that continent? We shall see next summer.