World Cup

World Cup Future Odds

Updated July 3rd 2014 - The quarterfinals are set and you can wager on who will win overall as well as match ups for the finals.

Brazil (11/4) is still the betting favorite to win the World Cup, but they have not looked great and had to beat Chile on penalty kicks on the round of 16. Neymar has looked solid on the attack, but he needs help. They face a dangerous and in-form Colombia squad in the quarterfinals and may have to face Germany in the semis.

Germany (7/2) won the Group of Death, but looked less than dominant beating Algeria in extra time in the round of 16. Thomas Muller ranks second in goals scored and the defense has played well. They face France in the quarters and may have a dream match up Brazil in the semifinals.

Argentina (4/1) also needed extra time to advance to the quarterfinals and while Lionel Messi has looked superb he has not gotten much help. They will need to beat Belgium to make the World Cup semis for the first time since 1990.

Netherlands (9/2) has looked great on offense, but their defense is a concern. They face the darling of the World Cup so far in Costa Rica in their next match and in the semis will have to beat Belgium or Argentina to make it to back-to-back World Cup finals.

France (7/1) has looked solid in the tournament and they have forgotten about their disaster in 2010. Karim Benzema leads the squad with three goals, but they are the betting underdog facing Germany in the quarterfinals.

Colombia (11/1) has been very impressive and striker James Rodriguez leads the tournament in goals scored. They are in form, but have to beat host Brazil and maybe Germany just to advance to the finals.

Belgium (12/1) faces Argentina and Messi in the quarterfinals and they have to defense to deal with the attack. They have played great as a team with six different players scoring all six of their goals.

Costa Rica (40/1) is the big betting long shot and can they keep up their wild ride? They won the Group of Champions and their defense has been superb. They are big betting underdogs in the quarterfinals facing Netherlands, but they have confidence and already have wins over Uruguay and Italy.

FIFA World Cup 2014 - Outright Winner Betting Odds           
Brazil 11/4
Germany 7/2
Argentina   4/1
Netherlands 9/2
France 7/1
Colombia 11/1
Belgium   12/1
Costa Rica 40/1

World Cup 2014 - Name the Finalists     

Brazil/Argentina 7/2
Brazil/Netherlands 9/2
Argentina/Germany 6/1
Germany/Netherlands 6/1
Argentina/France 10/1
Netherlands/France 10/1
Brazil/Belgium 12/1
Argentina/Colombia 14/1
Netherlands/Colombia 14/1
Germany/Belgium 18/1
Belgium/France 25/1
Brazil/Costa Rica 33/1
Belgium/Colombia 33/1
Costa Rica/Germany 40/1
Costa Rica/France 66/1
Colombia/Costa Rica 80/1

Brazil (3/1) is the World Cup host and while they have been known for their dynamic offense in the past their defense is the strength of the squad this time round. However, Barcelona’s Neymar is the leader of the attack that does not lack firepower up front.

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Argentina (9/2) is seriously loaded up front led by Lionel Messi, who has the best odds to win the top goal scorer in Brazil, and Sergio Aguero and Gonzalo Higuain, who have top 10 odds to win that award. However, the squad lacks team play, which why they have not advanced past the quarterfinals since 1990.

One team that is stacked is Germany (11/2), but they are playing in the Group of Death and they do not have a superstar striker up front. Still, they have the best World Cup betting odds to win their group and are a squad that really has no weaknesses.  

Can Spain (6/1) become the first every World Cup repeat champion? They may have the best midfield in the tournament, Germany and Italy may rival them, but they are in a tough group having to face Holland, who they beat in the 2010 WC final, and Chile.

Is Belgium (18/1) for real? They have the fifth best betting odds, have a solid all around team and are not in a tough group, but the loss of key striker Christian Benteke was a big one. However, Everton’s Romelu Lukaku will be THE guy on the attack of this young and exciting squad.

England (20/1) only has one top four showing in the World Cup (1990) since they won as the host in 1966. Wayne Rooney and Steven Gerrard lead the squad that has the talent, but is in a tough group and the defense is a concern.

In one of the tougher groups Italy (22/1) is facing Uruguay and England and they have a veteran laden squad that has many players that were with the 2006 World Cup winners.

It would be hard to think that France (22/1) could implode like they did in the last World Cup since they play in one of the easier groups. Karim Benzema leads the offense, but the veteran leader of the squad Franck Ribery has been hindered by back problems leading up to the tournament and the midfield leader will really be missed if he cannot go.

Portugal (25/1) and Holland (28/1) both have solid squads, but can Portugal get out of the Group of Death and can the Dutch best Spain in their group? If they cannot and come in second they may have to face host Brazil in the round of 16.

Here are the World Cup betting odds as of April 20, 2014, courtesy of Bovada:

Brazil 3/1
Argentina 9/2
Germany 11/2
Spain 6/1
Belgium 18/1
England 20/1
France 22/1
Italy 22/1
Netherlands 25/1
Portugal 25/1
Uruguay 28/1
Colombia 33/1
Chile 40/1
Russia 100/1
USA 100/1
Ivory Coast 125/1
Mexico 125/1
Switzerland 125/1
Croatia 150/1
Ecuador 150/1
Japan 150/1
Bosnia-Herzegovina 200/1
Ghana 200/1
Greece 200/1
Nigeria 250/1
South Korea 300/1
Australia 500/1
Cameroon 500/1
Algeria 1000/1
Costa Rica 1000/1
Honduras 1500/1
Iran 1500/1

2014 FIFA World Cup Betting

The World Cup will be in Brazil in the summer of 2014 and there is no lack of bets that you can make.

The most common World Cup bet is the match bet where you will wager on which team will win and you can also bet on the draw. The favored team in a match bet will have lower odds than the underdog and the draw bet will usually have the best odds unless there is a major favorite in the match. The draw can be an attractive wager for this bet, as over 30% of soccer matches end in a draw.

Some of the other popular bets for the World Cup include the totals (over/under) bet, futures bet, and the halftime bet.

The totals bet is easy to understand, as you will wager on if the total number of goals scored by both teams is over or under the posted amount by the sportsbook. Typically for a soccer totals bet the total is set at 2.5 goals.

The futures World Cup bet is a popular one and one you will make this type before the tournament begins. The most popular totals bet for the World Cup is betting on which team will be the overall winner. In the 2014 World Cup host Brazil has the best odds to win the World Cup at 4.5/1 with 2010 champion Spain with the second best odds at 5/1. There are other futures bets you can make such as for the Golden Boot (top goal-scorer in the World Cup) and betting on which team will win each group. 

The halftime bet is an easy one to understand, as you are wagering on the outcome of the match after the first half. In this bet you can bet on a team to be ahead in the first half as well as the draw.

The World Cup is the biggest sporting event in the world and because of this there are tons of betting options. The aforementioned wagers are the most popular ones, but there are so many types of bets for the World Cup matches. All the matches played in the World Cup will also have many proposition bets with more available for the finals and semifinals.

When the World Cup draw is announced on December 6th of this year the sportsbooks will begin positing the many World Cup bets.

Why Brazil will win the 2014 FIFA World Cup

Brazil is hosting the World Cup in the summer of 2014 for the second time and while they were the runner-up the first time as host they are the favorites this time around. They hosted the World Cup in 1950, which was the first World Cup since 1938 with none being held in 1942 and 1946 because of World War II. Brazil was the runner up in 1950 losing in the final to Uruguay 2-1.


World Cup Qualifying

While there are several solid teams that may watch the 2014 World Cup in Brazil at home there are no major soccer powers that are on the brink with the lone exception being England and they are still in the mix.


The European soccer powers of Italy, Holland, Germany, Spain, and Portugal are all atop their respective groups in World Cup qualifying.


11 Spots Left for World Cup

There are no more qualifying group matches and after the last ones there are now 21 teams that will be playing in the World Cup next summer. The remaining 11 spots will be determined by the second leg of the ties in Africa, the home and away ties in Europe, and the two inter-region home and away ties.

Bet 365 has current World Cup futures odds and here they are for the qualified teams:


World Cup Qualifying - Oct. 11-15

There are another round of World cup qualifying matches that start on October 11th and 10 teams have already qualified. Here is a look at the teams that have qualified by region and how many spots for the World Cup are available.

No teams have qualified from Africa and there are five spots still up from grabs.


In Asia there are 4.5 spots available and the two third-placed sides will face each other in a two-legged tie for the chance to play in an Intercontinental Play-Off for the last spot. Australia, Japan, Iran, and Korea Republic have already qualified.


World Cup Qualifying Preview

With the last round of World Cup qualifying matches there are now 10 teams that have booked their ticket to Brazil next summer. Brazil is the host and they have the best betting odds to win the World Cup at +310.

Here are the teams that have qualified for the World Cup and how they qualified: