Winners Group Betting Odds - World Cup 2014

In the winners group wager it is no surprise that Group A has the best odds since host Brazil is in that group. These odds are available at Bet365.
Group A 11/4

Brazil is the big betting favorite to win Group A, but can they win their sixth World Cup trophy? If they win the group than they will likely not have an easy round of 16 match with the runner up of Group B, which will probably Spain or Holland, who ousted them from the last World Cup. If the odds makers are right Brazil will face Germany in the quarterfinals. Brazil may be the best shot for the group to win the World Cup, as the second place team will probably face Spain or Holland in the round of 16.

Group B 4/1

Group B has 2010 World Cup champion Spain, Holland, and a good Chile squad and winning the group will be key as the second place team will likely face Brazil in the round of 16. The winner of the group still has a tough road to the finals with the winner of the Group of Death in that side of the draw as well as the winner of the tough Group D, which includes Italy, England, and 2010 quarterfinalist Uruguay.

Group F 4/1

Group F has good odds simply because Argentina is in the group and they have the second best overall odds to win the World Cup. Bosnia-Herzegovina and Nigeria are also in the group and may be battling out for second place. The winner of the group may face the runner up of the Group of Death in the quarterfinals.

Group G 4/1

Group G is the Group of Death with Germany, Portugal, USA, and Ghana. Germany is the odds on favorite to win the group. However, while the Group of Death is, obviously, the toughest group the road to the semis may be the easiest facing a second place team from Group H in the round of 16 and the winner of Group E in the quarterfinals and those are two of the weaker groups playing this summer.

Group D 8/1

Group D is a tough one including Italy, Uruguay, and England. The runner up will face the winner of Group C, which may be the weakest one in the tournament, but may have to face Brazil in the quarterfinals. The winner of Group D will play the second place team from group C in the round of 16 then a killer match in the quarters having to face the winner of Group B, which should be Holland or Spain.

Group H 11/1

Belgium leads Group H and Russia is a good squad and it will be a surprise if those squads do not finish one-two in the stage. The runner up faces the winner of the Group of Death in the round of 16 and the winner faces the second place squad from that group.

Group E 16/1

France and Switzerland are expected to make it out of Group E, but after France’s 2010 World Cup disaster you never know. The winner of the group may not have a killer tough round of 16 match, unless Argentina comes in second in Group F, but will probably face the Group of Death winner in the quarterfinals. The runner up in Group E will likely face Argentina in the round of 16.

Group C 16/1

Group C is the weakest group in the tournament and the squad with best odds to win the group in Colombia recently announced they will be without their star striker due to injury. The winner and second place finisher in Group C has a tall task facing the winner and second place team from the tough Group D.